Best Aviation Schools in the World

Global opportunities are high in the aviation industry; find the best aviation schools in the world to excel


best aviation schools in world

Seeking the Best Aviation Schools


The study of aviation is broad with many sub-fields to choose from. Aside from becoming a pilot you may think of a career in aeronautic engineering designing the next generation of airplanes, aviation meteorology where you help pilots decide where to fly to avoid nasty weather, airplane and powerplant or avionics mechanics who ensure the aircraft is safe to fly, and aviation computer science where specialized systems are integrated to help pilots in their tasks.  Studies are offered in aviation schools in most countries around the world.


Aviation is a highly technical field. Thus, an understanding of math and physics, being able to comprehend technical information, good communication skills, leadership skills, and discipline and commitment are among the skills needed to study aviation.

Since most young people seeking work in aviation view themselves as being a pilot let’s discuss this aspect of aviation.

Getting to be a pilot is a demanding endeavor for anyone, but it is essential that courses leading to certificates and, perhaps, a college degree, is essential.  Candidates for a flying position stand a better opportunity by having both the proper certificates and a degree.  But above all, remember, the job of being a pilot is to safely transport passengers and cargo from one place to another, either thousands of feet above ground flying a slick jet powered airplane, or operating a small propeller-driven fixed-wing airplane – or, perhaps, a helicopter.

Pilots must accept a huge responsibility the moment a certificate is issued allowing operation of an airplane.  But the first job can certainly be the beginning of a rewarding and exciting career, especially if training is completed in one of the best aviation schools in the world.

Learning any of the many tasks associated with aviation is an expensive proposition, often running into thousands of dollars.  One of the best routes to a career in aviation is to join a military organization. Not only is the training paid for by the service chosen, but you are paid a salary as well.  All of the United States military services offer enlisted members and officers training in career fields, including aviation.

If you are serious about a career in aviation and prefer the college route, check out aviation departments in your state colleges and universities, or those in other states.  In this setting you will graduate with a degree and all of the necessary pilot certificates that will allow you to enter the aviation job market.

Private flight schools abound at most airports around the country.  These schools will prepare you for entry level flying jobs where you can continue your education to higher certificates and higher paying pilot positions.  Since this route does not include a college degree, the time and money required will be much less.  Remember, however, to select a reputable school with a good track record of success for their students.

Because the aviation industry is a competitive industry and is highly exposed to globalization, the opportunities are high. Thus, it is always good to have a solid, sound, and good training grounded by choosing the best aviation schools you can afford.  Where you train will make a great deal of difference in how you function as a pilot.  High quality aviation training schools exist every where, not just in the United States.  Check out some of the schools featured in the web site,

Here are some of the top aviation schools around the world:

Starting with the United States, these schools are Epic Flight Academy in Florida and San Diego Flight Training International at the Montgomery Field Airport in Southern California.

In the United Kingdom where the oldest independent air force is located, the Royal Air Force, the schools are the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and the Newcastle College.

In Greece, the notable schools are Global Aviation, Skies Aviation Academy, and Olympus Aviation Academy.

In Spain, there’s FLYBYSCHOOL in León.

In the Netherlands, there is AIS Flight Academy, which combines both theoretical and practical training over a 22-month comprehensive program.

All Asia Aviation Academy is located in the Philippines, and the Asian Aviation Centre in Sri Lanka is located at the largest hangar at the Ratmalana Airport outside of Colombo.

In Africa, the Kenya School of Flying is located at the Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

These schools have some common features: strong training facilities, an excellent combination of theoretical training combined with practical training.

Over time, this list of top aviation schools in the world will see more names of notable aviation learning institutions as the industry even becomes more competitive.

Best aviation schools in the world


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