The People behind Aircraft Maintenance

What are the top qualities to be a good aircraft maintenance technician?

aircraft maintenance


The aviation industry has a lot of people working under its wing, not just the pilot and copilot. Other than the two jobs mentioned before, the aviation industry also includes the air traffic controller, flight attendants, flight navigators, airplane inspector, sky or air marshal, aircraft maintenance technician, and many more. But for this blog, we will focus on the one of the least recognized but very important jobs in the aviation field, aircraft maintenance technician.


Aircraft maintenance requires a lot of knowledge and skill for it is one of the most critical aspect when maintaining an aircraft. It is through this process that the safety of the crew, passengers, and even non-passengers are secured. To emphasize the importance of aircraft maintenance, FAA requires that aircrafts should undergo regular maintenance and inspection every 100 hours of its flight.


Due to its great importance, aircraft maintenance jobs requires certain qualities. Let’s find out the qualities that an aircraft maintenance technician should possess to ensure the plane’s safety.


  1. Detail-oriented person

Every detail is very important for technicians, especially in aircraft maintenance. An unnoticed loose screw on a plane may lead to a disastrous accident. This type of incident is one that every technician wants to prevent. In this kind of profession, a person should be a very keen observer to the point of being obsessed with details since a single mistake may endanger hundreds of lives.


  1. Critical thinking

Solving problems requires critical thinking. However, in aviation, technicians are required to have a hundred times the average critical thinking skills since they are dealing with a 500-ton flying metal.


  1. Good communication skills

Proper communication is important on every occasion. However, it is more important in aircraft maintenance. There is never a room for errors when doing technical documentations of maintenance routine; that is why communication skills play a regular role in every aircraft maintenance technician’s daily work. Oral and aural skills are also very important. An aircraft maintenance technician must be good at listening to be able to relay accurately. That way, there would be less error or none at all.


  1. Eager to learn

Experience is the best teacher in everything. Not all problems are documented in the books read while in the four corners of the classroom. A technician should always be open to change and new knowledge.


Aircraft maintenance is a serious operation since this process evaluates the status of the plane, which ensures the safety of the passengers and crew. Not only is aircraft maintenance a noble job but it is also one of the highest paying jobs in the aviation industry. According to, aircraft maintenance salary places third in the aviation industry.


A career in aircraft maintenance is not one that many would want to choose. However, this job can be very exciting and rewarding. Not only does it make a lot of money, but it gives experienced technicians a sense of fulfillment with the thought that their job keeps people safe.


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